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People depend on power more than ever before. It connects us to the world around us, keeps our food fresh, and drives companies globally. Because we all depend on light to get by, you must ensure that your home or company is correctly wired by a knowledgeable professional.

There are obvious drawbacks of unreliable electricity, but there are more worries than bad food or being unable to check your email. When your commercial or residential wiring, or even a little portion of it, has not been connected by a skilled professional, you must be prepared for an electrical fire.

There is just too much in your house and business to entrust your electrical needs to an unqualified professional. If you want to secure your electricity’s safety, functionality, and effectiveness, make a call to Weston-Trawick for electrical emergency services.

24-7 Tallahassee Electrician Service
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What We Offer

Over 30 years of experience in Tallahassee. We’re here for you when you need us! Weston-Trawick is your one-stop-shop for anything you need to keep your business running smoothly! We are a full-service electrical contractor that is locally owned and operated. Our courteous and professional specialists handle all electrical needs, from full-service electrical layouts and design to design implementation and installation.

We’ve been in the electrical business for over 30 years, giving the greatest service and support in the local area! Our objective is to provide each client with highly trained, courteous, dependable, experienced, and trustworthy specialists.

Weston Trawick, Inc. provides professional emergency service for residential, commercial, and industrial clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always contact a live person—our multi-layered response system ensures a prompt answer. We take pleasure in offering high-quality service at a reasonable price. All of our service vans are outfitted with GPS monitoring systems to provide service billing accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Our electricians are as follows:

We are your trustworthy expert electricians.

Repair of Residential Electrical Systems

Residential electrical systems are trusted to us by homeowners. We take pleasure in our honesty and sincerity. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that you won’t be without power for long. The electricity in your home is an essential element of your daily life. There is rarely a process or activity that does not necessitate electricity use in some form. Your electrical system must always be operating at peak efficiency.

Working on any electrical issue on your own may be highly dangerous, so for anything more difficult than changing a light switch, you should always consult a professional. We understand how essential power is to you and your house, and we will always provide you with the highest quality, expert repairs, and service.

Our electrical emergency services professionals understand how inconvenient any electrical problem may be, so we offer a 24/7 Emergency Response Team to fulfill your service requests as promptly as possible. And because our specialists are licensed, background vetted, and properly educated, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality service when you call us. We can help with any of your electrical needs, including:

Call us at (FL): 850-514-0003, (GA): 229-243-8886. If you need a reliable electrician. We specialize in electrical repairs, interior, and outdoor lighting installation, panel upgrades, or even full-service electrical planning and design!

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Repair

We recognize that commercial electrical repairs must be performed flawlessly since your company’s success depends on it. We offer the greatest business services, such as electrical upgrades, installation, repairs, and rewiring. We have extensive knowledge of electrical installation and maintenance. We can handle large and small operations, whether your company requires a complete electrical renovation due to the previous tenant’s layout or a simple electrical repair.

Any electrical business project requires the services of a specialized and well-trained electrician. Our specialists are skilled in a variety of electrical tasks. Our commercial electricians have the skills and training to complete your retail electrical job flawlessly. Electricity is so pervasive in our lives that we often take it for granted and fail to appreciate its presence. When there is an electrical problem, it can be impossible to discern anything else.

We provide a wide range of commercial electrical emergency services to customers in and around Tallahassee, Florida. Our commercial electrical work is dependable, competent, trustworthy, and compassionate, according to our team. We are a family-owned business that has been wiring the Tallahassee neighborhood for over 30 years.

Please contact us if you have any questions about an electrical problem. Many of our electrical professionals can answer your queries over the phone.

Maintenance Services

To ensure service billing accuracy, all our service vehicles are outfitted with GPS monitoring systems.

We have all the technical and management capabilities needed to manage any contract in-house. Generators, UPS, fire and security systems, landscaping lighting, and parking lot light repairs are just a few examples. We use this knowledge to ensure that our clients’ demands and statutory requirements are met cost-effectively.

Data Communications

Our data communications division provides full-service structured cabling. We designed, installed, and maintained all forms of high-speed wire systems. Our personnel is trained in a variety of cabling technologies. For many high-speed applications, we provide the complete best solution and extended items with performance warranties. Our manager has a wealth of knowledge.

We're Here For You. Any Time. Every Time.

If you are experiencing an outage or other electrical emergency, please contact us for  24 hour emergency repair in Tallahassee, Florida. We are here to help and have gained an impeccable reputation in the Tallahassee are through our customer-centered consultative approach.

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